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As I am a freelancer for Adventure Asset Classifieds. I shall be travelling throughout Australia and eventually overseas as part of my citizen journalism & project requirements.

I shall be establishing bases throughout the country, to work from for short periods of time. However these may not necessarily remain permanent. So I will tend to rely more on the convenience of email. For initial contact with potential clients and for any enquiries.

I don't believe in mobile phones for various reasons so if you want to get hold of me, email is the best way. 

I hope to establish a regular vlog or diary while travelling. To let people know of my present location so that I can be contacted if someone requires me for a particular freelance job and I am in their immediate area.  

My present location is: Canberra (ACT). This will be my main base to start with.

Contact email:


Canberra, ACT,


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Canberra is the Capital & central meeting point, for Politics and Industry in Australia. Situated half way between Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. Making Canberra the ideal base to work from, for my social enterprise.

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