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You have a kayak that you want to sell privately, to upgrade to something more suitable to your interests. The trouble is that conventional newspaper and magazine classifieds are limited in their effectiveness, to reach the most suitable buyer. The only other options that are really open to you are your local kayaking club or through word of mouth. These options are great but what happens if a genuine buyer, prepared to pay what you are asking. Lives interstate or out of your immediate area. In order to keep their interest, you need to be able to maintain contact and communication to finalise that sale. Often people are interested in what you have for sale but can not get away from their present commitments of work & family immediately. With the risk of losing their interest. Would it not be more convenient, if you could send audio/visual information to them via the Internet. Outlining any relevant details, to help speed the sale along?  

The Internet will eventually be the most effective means of advertising recreational assets privately, to potential buyers from all over the world. Video classifieds for the Internet will be the most effective way to sell any large, medium or small valuable asset to a wider and more lucrative, buyers market. The future of classifieds, is here right now! You just need to make the most of it!


Private Sellers have the convenience of being able to upload their photo/video files to a website like youtube so that interested buyers from wherever, can take a look when it best suits them. This should also help to eliminate people who are not really genuine buyers or can not afford to buy the kayak in the first place.

Main Clients.
  • Private sellers and buyers of kayaks. 

Ross D. Hopkins

The Port Stephens Festival Of Whales is held every year at Nelson Bay, NSW, Australia. It celebrates the Northern migration of the Humpback Whales up the Eastern Coast of Australia, to warmer tropical waters.

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