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The main product being freelance camerawork and video classifieds, is primarily for private sellers of weightshift microlight trikes, retro motorcycles and kayaks. As popularity of this service increases with private sellers, the addition of other recreational assets may be included, depending on market demand. 
The presented product for classifieds will be up to 20 digital still photos and up to 3 minutes of video files. Along with a saved copy of the website classified for your adventure asset. This is stored on a USB flash drive, that is either provided by you or can be additionally purchased from myself @ roughly $10 per GB. 
This USB flash drive can also contain other information files, such as text or saved data. These are usefull for creating the adventure asset classified for easy upload or copying & pasting html code to hosting sites. For example, once you have the final USB product. You can upload photo's/video to free classified & forum sites on-line. Anywhere in the world you choose. Of course you can also use paid classifieds as well. If you think that these will be more successfull or value for money.


If you have any questions or would simply like to make a comment below, about my website or services. Please feel free. I will welcome any constructive feedback.

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