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ABN 99 534 419 413.

for Active Promotion & Adventure Asset Classifieds.

Recreational Aircraft Video Classifieds.

Welcome to my website & freelance services!
To provide my freelance services, including Digital Photographer/DV Cameraman for both active promotion as well as Internet classifieds. Encouraging private/recreational Aircraft, Motorcycle & Kayak  photo/video classifieds. By helping owners to initiate a successful sale through the Internet globaly. With an ethical approach to clients. While maintaining the best possible service in both Australia as well as overseas.

A promotional video for Newcastle Helicopters. A Helicopter flight training school, based @ Port Stephens, NSW, Australia.

Helicopter service for Newcastle Harbour, NSW, Australia. Footage includes flight from Newcastle city, along Stockton sand dunes to Port Stephens and return.

OK, so you are interested in selling your recreational aircraft (trike), retro motorcycle or Kayak to a local, Interstate or International buyer. You have advertised in the usual places and you have been contacted by at least one interested buyer that would like to have a more detailed inspection, before the chance of any sale can take place.
Un-fortunately they do not have the time/opportunity to do this in person for at least another week or more, due to work/family commitments. Do you risk losing that potential buyer or would it make sense to have some digital photo/video files taken of the aircraft, motorcycle or kayak. To show or send to the interested person via the Internet? Helping to speed the potential sale along.
Many people make their main buying decision based on colour, appearance & condition of what they are looking to buy and not just the price. So basic photo/video files, with brief interviews and dynamic vision in colour, sound, overall condition and unique features. Can help to eliminate un-necessary time wastage and dissapointment with people who are looking for something else.
I intend to use the Internet as a major source for advertising individual private recreational aircraft (trikes), retro motorcycles and kayaks as well as distributing final video product related to business, clubs and individuals supporting social/community causes in the future. 
USB Flash drives will provide the storage medium, just as the Internet will provide the distribution medium. You have a much better chance of getting the price that you are asking. By eliminating the people who are not genuine buyers.  
My services are available to private sellers/buyers of recreational aircraft, retro motorcycles and kayaks. With cost effective photo and video files to upload to the Internet.  
My services also include helping people to get a quicker, more efficient private sale. By providing digital photo/video files for uploading to their own personal website or forum.
Digital folders and files can be written to USB flash drive, including photo's/video's. Introductory offer for first time clients, starts from just $10 (includes 10 1Mp digital stills to USB drive). USB flash drive is extra if not supplied by client. Video files including basic editing, start from just $40 for 1-3 minutes duration.  
I can also help you with a basic website or classified, if you have your own photo & video files. Or I can provide you with some for a reasonable fee. This website will allow you to display more detailed text, photo's, and embedded video files, from host websites such as Vimeo or Starts from just $30 per hour for set up fee (1 hour being the usual minimal requirement). Please contact me for further details but first take a look at the following examples.
Thats right! Starting from just $30 for a basic website or classified, to help you sell your Adventure Assets. Not bad! A personalised link address can be advertised in forums, newspapers, magazines & free Internet classifieds that you can place yourself.
You can also mention the classified address when people contact you on the phone or link directly through your return emails. This allows potential buyers to go direct to further audio/visual information about the asset you have for sale. The photo/video websites & classifieds, can even be found through popular search engines like google & yahoo.
If you are interested in taking a look at my Citizen Journalism website or vlog. They can be viewed @ &
I welcome all comments and constructive feedback from members of the public.
Ross D. Hopkins 

If you would like to show your support for what I am doing with both the Citizen Journo & Freelance - Video websites. Then it would be much appreciated if you could help by sponsoring my journey. Please feel free to nominate an amount that you can afford by clicking on the secure "Donate" button below. Thankyou for your contribution.

Watercraft Video Classifieds.

The best way to contact me is through email.

Replies to email will usually be fairly prompt. However, please do not expect immediate response. As you are likely to be dissapointed.


Let Me Help You, Sell That Recreational Aircraft, Motorcycle or Kayak. To Local, Interstate & International Buyers!
Ross D. Hopkins
Citizen Journo
for Active Promotion & Adventure Asset Classifieds.
ABN 99 534 419 413.
   email : contact

Please feel free to contact me via email for further details and any general enquiries.

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If you would like to show your support for what I am doing with both the Citizen Journo & Freelance - Video websites. Then it would be much appreciated if you could help by sponsoring my journey. Please feel free to nominate an amount that you can afford by clicking on the secure "Donate" button below. Thankyou for your contribution.

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