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Active Sponsorship
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The motorcycle pictured here is Not For Sale but is on offer for Promotional Purposes Only, through active sponsorship and support for my Citizen Journo website.
For sale, is provision for placement of a dedicated page for your business website on my citizen journo website. Including promotional videos, logo, images, your business details & descriptive text.
The amount listed as the sale price ($10,000) is for 12 months duration. Before you make a purchase of my website promotional services. Can you first contact me through provided means. So I know that you fully understand what the service is for and the conditions for a successfull sale.
If you purchase for the amount of $10,000 for 12 months sponsorship of my website. Then that would be the eqivalent of paying <$312.50 per week. To actively promote your details, website address, business name & logo to the public on my website. 
For this, you will receive exposure through active promotion of your website address, business name & logo, on the road & at suitable outdoor public events and festivals. Including aviation, motorcycling & kayaking. Using my Enfield Bullet motorcycle with trailer & word of mouth as well as active promotion. Encouraging personal, one-to-one, communication with people throughout the ACT, NSW, VIC, QLD, TAS and more than likely other states & territories.
Approved Individual, Business, Club or Organisations that are interested in sponsoring myself & my website for 12 months or more. Will be eligable for promotional videos, suitable for placement on the Internet & their website.
This sponsorship is not limited to participants from the ACT and I welcome interest from interstate individuals, businesses, clubs or organisations. That can also benefit from my proposal as long as you meet all requirements. So please contact me first through the means provided. email

Desired Outcome With Active Website Promotion &  Sponsorship

The main reasons for seeking sponsorship is to support the objectives of my citizen Journalism website. Which are many & varied and include pursuing video content relating to microlight weightshift trikes, electric flight, water/weather & the possible, positive effects of hygroscopic warm cloud seeding.

While also encouraging citizen journalism throughout Australia. As well as the active promotion of "The Venus Project". I will also be providing a networking website for people with similar interests to myself "Chasing The Wind". Providing links placed to their own text, photo’s and videos of adventurous travels throughout Australia and the world, in the pursuit of recreational flight & aviation for a good cause (using weightshift trikes).

I also intend to recruit suitable participants (rec pilots, motorcyclists, kayakers, others) with an adventurous outlook towards life & means of travel. To help protect natural waterways in their local area. As well as provide Search And Rescue Assistance (SARA) in times of natural disasters such as floods, Tsunami's & severe storms. Providing content, suitable for the citizen journo website. Including digital photo’s/video for private sellers/exchange of adventure assets on the Internet.

My plan is to utilise active sponsorship from individuals, businesses, clubs & organisations. That will benefit from placing their website details, address and business name/logo on my website. That I will be promoting in my travels throughout Australia & overseas.

I will personally be travelling to clubs, rally’s, festivals and other social, outdoor activities, involved with recreational aviation/motorcycling. Either with my Enfield 350 motorcycle or by other suitable means (trike). To promote my website, "The venus Project" and what I am doing. While also recording my adventures with a regular video travel journal & an interest in producing full length documentaries for my website In my continual journey with learning to fly recreational sports aircraft (weightshift microlight trike). While actively researching the possible applications for protecting & improving natural water sources. By implementing natural hygroscopic warm cloud seeding, to help counteract climate change. Be an active part of the Adventure!

Promotion for sponsor will also include reference on my website and network vlog as I gradually increase the content and progress with this unique concept. I am looking for sponsors with the right attitude towards social enterprise, business as well as life in general. People that are focused on action, rather than words and have an adventurous spirit. While still being able to make independent descisions for themselves. Genuine support for "The Venus Project" as well as a future "resource based economy", will have first preference. 

Fortunately, to achieve this outcome. I will require some form of  income to keep the operations sustainable and effective, allowing me to access the required resources. The citizen journo website will be relying on active sponsorship as well as providing digital photo’s/video for private sellers/exchange on the Internet, through adventure asset classifieds.The money available through active sponsorship, will of course have a positive effect on the productive outcome of this project and the quality of content produced.

This is all part of such a worthwhile challenge. Help me to meet this challenge head on and in return enjoy the benefits for your business, club or organisation through positive public exposure & support with "Active Sponsorship".

This outline of what I am hoping to achieve with active sponsorship can not cover the detail of everything involved with my project. So if you have any questions that you feel are not answered above. Then please do not hesitate to contact me with the provided means, to find out the answer from me personally.


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If you would like to show your support for what I am doing with both the Citizen Journo & Freelance - Video websites. Then it would be much appreciated if you could help by sponsoring my journey. Please feel free to nominate an amount that you can afford by clicking on the secure "Donate" button below. Thankyou for your contribution.

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