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Let me introduce myself. My name is Ross and I provide a digital photo/video service to help people sell their recreational Aircraft, Motorbikes or Kayaks over the Internet. I will even help provide visual information for people who are in the market to buy as well.


I completed year 12 in Canberra, before joining the Airforce in 1988 as a trainee airframe fitter. Then discharging in 1994 after 6 years service to see more of my own country. I travelled around the entire coast of Australia by motorcycle for nearly three years before returning to Port Stephens NSW. My original posting when I was in the Airforce.


During the time I was travelling Australia. The first digital video camera became available from Sony in 1995 and I could see the possibilities for the future.


Ten years later and the potential is only just starting to be realised with the continual improvements to technology and the Internet. Making it a viable resource for distributing digital media at an affordable cost. Compared to the restrictive regimes of the previous print, radio and TV media. These until now, had the monopoly over the information to the public. Now the Internet places the people more in control of the information that they choose to receive. 


The future holds many possibilities. One thing is for certain though. The Internet is here to stay and will only get more and more involved with video content. Eventually, I believe the Internet will replace conventional TV with a full screen, digital, interactive alternative. Allowing people to view programs from all over the world, whenever & whatever they choose. The Internet has already had a huge impact on print and radio media and conventional commercial TV is just now starting to feel the pressure in many ways.


Even though I am relatively new to social enterprise. This does not mean I am not fully aware of ethical and morally sound business practices that are involved. The fact that I am a Freelancer means that I have the freedom to pick and choose who I work with. I do not work for people, I work with them and I certainly do not work well with people who put profit or money, before the well being of others.


Soon, video will become a regular feature of websites on the Internet, like print and audio has in the past. This will revolutionise the way businesses can relay information to their clients and large, medium or small asset sales will certainly be no exception. People who are willing to embrace this opportunity now, will be amongst the first to reap the benefits. Nothing adventured, is nothing gained.


My main objective with this service, is to utilise the video income from the private sales of Adventure Assets. To help finance my citizen journalism website project.  


Citizen journalism is journalism "by the public, for the public" on topical issues that are not effectively covered by mainstream Media.

Radically different to the present forms of mainstreem "Commercialism" for the consumer, that we have jammed down our throats at present. Citizen journalism is more about personal opinion, perspective and experience on issues, rather than regurgitated facts.


I hope to recruit recreational aviators, motorcyclists & kayakers who have a background or genuine interest in video journalism, vlogging, multimedia, digital video, satellite TV or making video documentaries. The overall theme covered will be fairly broad ("Social & Environmental Change for the 21st century"). This will of course be related to the main subject for active promotion, being "The Venus Project". Three sub-topics that I have also chosen to cover for myself as a citizen journalist, apart from weightshift trikes & electric flight include;

  • Water.
  • Weather.
  • Warm Cloud Seeding.

If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact me @ the following email address;  contact



"Followers go with the Flow,

Leaders change the Status Quo!"



Ross D. Hopkins


Citizen Journalist for Social & Environmental Change & Adventure Asset Classifieds.


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